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  • HC-SN Sanitary napkin production line

Name:HC-SN Sanitary napkin production line

Product Name: Sanitary Napkin Machine


Product Detail Specifications Team
Main Features
1.Touch screen for man-machine conversation;
2.Main motor drive & PLC control;
3.Cell mill;
4.Drum forming;
5.SAP applicator;
6.ADL short cut unit;
7.Servo inverter optional governor  motor drive unwinder, tension control and splicing for raw material;
8.Current conducting ring is adopted for the heating rotary bodies;
9.Phase can be adjusted during operation;
10.Product auto counting.
Main Structural device
1.Cell mill;
2.Suction fan;
3.Drum forming unit;
4.SAP applicator;
5.Absorbent layer compacting unit;
6.Side gather embossing unit;
7.ADL splitting and dotting unit;
8.Embossing unit;
9.Release paper splitting unit;
10.Contour cutting unit;
11.Rotating and Wing folding unit;
12.90 degree revolving unit;
13.Sachet wrapping unit;
14.Adhesive tape splitting unit;
15.Thermo sealing and cutting unit;
16.Waste rejecting unit;
17.Safety door.
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HI-CREATE is manufacturer for disposable hygiene products machinery development, design and producing, mainly in production line for baby diaper , sanitary napkin, waistband diaper , training pant(pull up) diaper, adult diaper , and a series of household paper, disposable products processing equipment for toilet paper, tissue paper, and napkin paper.
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Sanitary napking machine is finishing and testing product, welcome come to visiting and discussing at 20-30th November,contact us by wechat/whatsapp:008615059777755
Electric Power Supply 3 Phase/380V/50Hz
Total Power 280kw
Pass Rate ≥97%
Production Speed 600-800pcs/min 400-600pcs/min
Outline Dimension(m) 20*2.5*2 (L*W*H)

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