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With the main features of facial tissue machine classification

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Out of paper processing equipment generally divided into many different functions,facial  tissue machine embossing models, embossing edge pressing machine on the market at present commonly used equipment in price between 50000 yuan to 70000 yuan, equipment configuration also has many different types, the type embossing boxed tissues machine adopts frequency control technology, and configure the touch screen man-machine interface operation system, independent research and development of remote communication service system, which can monitor the operation of the machine. The machine adopts the synchronous belt transmission, and the transmission speed ratio, need tissue machine equipment for a variety of paper, greatly improve the quality and efficiency.
Main features:
1 configuration of pneumatic steel on steel embossing, pneumatic separation.
2 paper backing frame with pneumatic paper, stepless adjustment of speed, adjust the tension of different paper. Tissue paper machine
3 roots vacuum system, inspiratory capacity, stable operation.
4 according to the different needs of the folding width of products, can be used to cut or cut point.
5 steel to steel embossing device, ensure that the double layers of kleenex.
6 to base alignment function. Tissue paper machine
7 with a break automatic shutdown system, avoid no paper or paper breaking waste generated.
8 before and after the use of traction to move the switch base, more convenient operation, more secure.
9 key components of automatic refueling

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