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Note the band saw slitting machine

Source:未知Adminname:HI-CREATEWriter:adminHit:Date:2015-05-08 09:09
Toilet paper rewinding machine by rewinding growth volume, to small volumes of toilet paper by band saw slitting machine into our daily use, and then enter the market after bagging sealing. The band saw cutter to cut out the effect of the product quality of toilet paper at a certain extent.
So how to make the volume of paper cutting band saw cutter cut both neat and shiny? Please pay attention to the following:
1, the band saw cutter motor must be connected to the zero line or the ground wire, prevent leakage, ensure safe operation.
2, the band saw cutting confidential vertical flat, stable, in order to use vibration, below even put some paper, leather pad etc..
3, the band saw cutter on the wheel rotation is parallel to the noise, the smaller the better, if the noise is big or large, to check whether the lack of oil or damaged bearings.
4, the use of high quality is not easy to damage, the band saw, long service life, smooth and shiny, operation safety. The band saw cutting machine
5, check whether the small volume can be neat, several small volume vertically rotating slowly on the table to see, can also be waste volumes on the workbench to open a check, check whether the parallel rolls on both sides of it.
6, paper cutting, paper cutting blade must be maintained under the vertical state, if the cutter blade can move to the left side, the grinding wheel adjustment under correction, the saw blade width to be consistent on both sides.

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