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Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine function with waste paper as raw material?

Source:未知Adminname:HI-CREATEWriter:adminHit:Date:2015-05-09 08:54
Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine, is mainly used for rewinding toilet paper, toilet paper usually said the winder is the toilet paper shaft paper (paper rewinding bar) growth of constant diameter smaller strip roll, and then go to the guillotine saw cutting. This is not a paper machine, can not use waste paper as raw material.
So if you need toilet paper processing equipment, need to buy semi-finished toilet paper from the paper factory to do the processing, rather than recycling waste paper.
The difference between automatic toilet paper rewinding machine and semi automatic toilet paper rewinding machine:
The characteristics of semi automatic winder is:
1 is not a computer control, there is no computer programming control PLC
The 2 part is the water cutting off, the water is small volume and paper breaking leaching separation automatic toilet paper rewinding machine
3 after the frame is short frame, drive shaft, on both sides of the top.
4 can be done with core coreless paper tube, but can not roll very tight without core
5 artificial pumping shaft, without flattening device, no glue left tail function automatic toilet paper rewinding machine
Automatic winder with PLC programming, can choose water break and knife off, whether with remote alarm function: photoelectric detection, automatic shutdown in case of broken paper.

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