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Operation procedure of stacker

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1.Storage conditions
1.1The upper and lower trays that need to be stacked and practical must be smooth and firm, and loose, uneven trays shall not be used to avoid pallets.
1.2The impregnation paper slips out of the stacking process due to local unevenness of force.
1.3Need stacker equipment normal, hydraulic oil level normal.
1.4On the platform, there is no clutter.
1.5The impregnated paper of the stacker and the lower tray height shall be more than 5cm above the 1.6minimum height of the stacker to avoid the impregnation height below the minimum working height of the stacker.
1.6The impregnation paper and the lower tray height should be 10cm lower than the maximum working height of the stacker to facilitate the pallet in and out.
1.7Before work, the stacking surface should be equipped with safety baffle or safety bar to prevent the impregnation paper from sliding out of the stacker due to accident.
Warning: safety baffle or safety bars are very important in case of sideslip to place the impregnated paper drop stacker.
2.1The impregnated paper that needs to be piled up shall be cut off and first laid with a clean film .(for stacking and sealing)
2.2Cover with a flat, solid tray on the rolled surface and move the tray so that the impregnated paper is in the middle of the tray.
2.3Place the impregnated paper in the middle of the stacker.
2.4The flip side is provided with a safety baffle or safety bar.
2.5Start the equipment power supply, start the pressure pump, and press the close switch.
2.6After the working platform rises to the highest position, the pressure pump is turned off and the power is turned off.
2.7Remove safety stops or safety bars.
2.8Crack the top tray open.
2.9The impregnated paper is sealed and sent to the packing place.
2.10The stacker can not be a few thin film seal impregnated paper, because the film between relatively slippery, easy to cause sliding.

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