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Large rotary paper cutting machine

Source:HI-CREATEAdminname:HI-CREATEWriter:HI-CREATEHit:Date:2018-12-10 14:56
Large rotary paper cutter is an important machine in the production of toilet paper roll production line, which can greatly improve the automation degree and production efficiency of the production line.The machine is equipped with the following functions:
1. Automatic sharpening system, and regular automatic lubrication blade.
2. The roll is automatically fed into the paper cutter by the rewinding machine for cutting, and then sent out automatically.
3. The paper head and tail can be separated from the genuine paper roll automatically.
4. The cutter wheel can be automatically adjusted according to the degree of wear of the blade.
5. Equipped with two sets of paper channels, production replacement is convenient and time saving.
Large rotary paper cutter (face towel) is used to cut rectangular (or square) face towel equipment, it has the advantages of high speed and efficiency, cut flat, consistent length, etc., is your choice for the production of face towel.
Main features: 1. When paper is pushed into the cutting system by mechanical driving elements, it is clamped by paper clips and sent to the cutting knife for cutting, with smooth incision and high accuracy. 2, the machine is equipped with advanced photoelectric detection system, large diameter rotary cutter, can automatically set the length of paper, accurate cutting, 1 minute can reach 100 cutting.3.The cutting system is optimized and equipped with an automatic sharpener system. The grinding wheel can automatically grind the blade accurately according to the cutting times。4.The machine adopts servo drive system, rotary frequency conversion speed regulation, PLC programming, touch screen operation. The time frequency, cutting speed and cutting length of the sharpener are set by the computer control screen, which can promote, cut and sharpen the knife more smoothly and continuously, fully reflecting the superiority of the machine.

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