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Automatic toilet paper production line includes what equipment

Source:HI-CREATEAdminname:HI-CREATEWriter:HI-CREATEHit:Date:2018-12-10 15:00
Fully automatic toilet paper production line includes three production equipment: fully automatic toilet paper rewinding machine, revolving automatic paper cutting machine and fully automatic sanitary paper packaging machine.
Automatic toilet paper production line not only greatly improved production efficiency, but also save labor, reduce production costs, which prompted a lot of toilet paper processing enterprises slowly into the choice of toilet paper assembly line equipment, so a set of automatic toilet paper production line includes what machines?
Automatic toilet paper rewinding machine adopts PLC computer programming, frequency conversion speed regulation, pneumatic control, rewinding, punching, automatic paper pushing, automatic bar, axial compression, automatic trimming, glue spraying in one, so that the roll into the rotary automatic paper cutting machine for automatic cutting; The whole process does not need manual operation!
Rotary paper cutting machine with automatic toilet paper rewinding machine use, the whole machine mechanism is strong, beautiful design, paper cutting movement is accurate, paper rolling cutting surface is flat, compared with ordinary paper cutting machine speed and stability, stability of 50-70 cuts per minute, and can be a multi-purpose machine, can cut round roll toilet paper, flat roll toilet paper and paper.
Fully automatic sanitary paper packaging machine with rotary automatic paper cutting machine, automatic bagging and sealing of cut toilet paper; This machine adopts PLC controller and servo motor control, the whole machine design is reasonable, the processing is fine, USES the domestic and foreign famous brand component, has the disposition is convenient and reliable, the performance is mature and stable, the applicability is wide characteristic.
A set of fully automatic toilet paper production line is more expensive, mainly suitable for the stable sales channels and have sufficient funds of friends; For those who are going to do toilet paper processing, it is not recommended to choose the toilet paper production line. After all, it is too strange to the toilet paper industry in the early stage, which requires a certain amount of money and time. However, no matter which type of equipment you choose, it is the sales volume that makes toilet paper to make money, and a set of high-quality .

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