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The market price of mask machines has soared, and masks are in short supply!

Source:http://www.hctissuemachine.comAdminname:HI-CREATEWriter:HI-CREATEHit:Date:2020-04-06 11:32
The market price of mask machines has soared, and masks are in short supply!
Under the epidemic, in the Spring Festival of 2020, masks became the "new year goods" that all households in the country needed to purchase.
With the surge in demand for masks, many mask factories have expanded their production lines since the outbreak. In addition to the original mask manufacturing enterprises, Sinopec, Shanghai GM Wuling, Foxconn, Jierou, Hongdou, Sangun and other companies have all begun to "cross-border" production of masks.
Industrial Fulian (601138, SH) announced on February 7 that its new production line for medical masks is currently expected to achieve a production capacity of 2 million per day by the end of February, giving priority to the Foxconn Group's nearly one million employees Production epidemic prevention guarantee.
With the expansion of the mask production line, the demand for mask machine (servo motor) production equipment has followed.
After the epidemic has passed, where will these high-priced mask machines go?
Hua Kexing noticed that the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance recently issued documents clearly stating that relevant medical protection materials have been included in the national reserve. For enterprises to increase productivity, expand production capacity and produce more protective masks and other protective materials, the government will buy it. "Please don't worry about the enterprises, increase production in an all-round way." However, for the production equipment of masks, there is currently no specific policy to "bottom up"

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