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The market price of mask machines has soared, and masks

Source:未知Adminname:HI-CREATEWriter:HI-CREATEHit:Date:2020-05-05 14:35
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Under the epidemic, mask machines (servo motors) became urgently needed. In response to the surge in demand for masks, many person in charge of masks and mask machine manufacturers told us that at present, mask machines are rarely in stock and the prices are rising rapidly.
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On February 6th, Sinopec posted a "Hero Post" on its official Weibo-"I have a meltblown cloth, and who has a mask machine (servo motor)?" Expressing willingness to cooperate with an enterprise with a mask machine to establish a mask production line Yu supports the front line of Hubei. Hua Kexing learned that after only 3 hours, Mr. Shen, a contact in Weibo, found a partner. It is reported that as of noon on February 7, Sinopec has partnered with partners to complete 11 mask production lines.
In addition to these "big factories", according to the data from Tianyan, since the epidemic occurred, as of February 7, there have been more than 3,000 enterprises in the country's business scope, adding "masks, disinfectants, protective clothing, thermometers, "Medical Devices" and other business. In other words, in just over a month, more than 3,000 enterprises that legally and compliantly produced masks and other anti-epidemic products have been added.
With the expansion of the mask production line, the demand for mask machine (servo motor) production equipment has followed.

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