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About Us
Quanzhou Hi-Create Machine Co.Ltd listed in october 2016. Stock Cord: 681934. Our main machine production is Baby diaper , Sanitary napkin, Waist band diaper , Training pant (pull up) diaper, Adult diaper line. Household paper machine series line, Disposable paper products processing equipment, Toilet paper machine, Facial tissue paper machine, Napkin paper machine and Disposable tableware machine. 
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Investment project preferred mini paper towel machine

Now entrepreneurship to choose a good project, may wish to invest in paper machinery industry, small investment, big return. Which mini-paper towel machine demand, in short supply, the following for your detailed interpretation: There are many types of equipment for producing paper towels. Mainly a large paper towel machine, small paper towel machine, semi-automatic , automatic Facial Tissue Machine four. And for personal production and entrepreneurship is very little, today to recommend a new type of personal business for the paper towel machine equipment - mini paper towel machine. Mini paper towel machine is characterized by a small footprint, less investment, high efficiency, quick. First, the effect is fast, the machine can be customized according to customer requirements to produce tissue paper towels, and can achieve color printing, is the current production of all paper towels can not be compared to a wide range of applications. Second, the high efficiency, the machine is currently the most advanced production of paper towel equipment, the use of vacuum adsorption, automatic folding embossing cut, flat belt feeding, free to adjust the elastic, convenient and quick; stepless variable speed motor, free to adjust the machine Speed; the entire processing process all automated completion. Third, less investment, mini paper towel machine is a factory direct, eliminating the need for a lot of links in the middle, and the aircraft only need to invest tens of thousands of pieces will be able to put into production. Fourth, the small footprint, because the aircraft design compact structure, only a few square meters of place will be able to use the production.









New Products

New Products
napkin paper machine

Facial Tissue Machine With Embossed And Printed

Machine for samll industries manufacturing plant for tissue paper machine,optional for tissue paper decoration or embossing

Big Waist Band Baby Diaper Machine Price

Big Waist Band Baby Diaper Production Line

Hot and best selling baby diaper machine, can be designed by customer's requirement,for popular and new design product

Double Layer Napkin Paper Machine Price

Double Layer Napkin Paper Machine Of Double Capacity

High capacity low invsetment paper napkin making machinery,capacity of 1200pcs/min

Paper Napkin Making Machine Price

Napkin Paper Machine

Multifunctional best price of tissue paper,design for different size of nakpin

Auto Facial Tissue Packing Line Price

Auto Facial Tissue Cutting And Packing Line

Turnkey toilet paper line for full automatic with ce certificate,from raw material to packing products save workers cost

Automatic Disposable Non Woven Facial Tissue Machine Price

Automatic Disposable Non Woven Facial Tissue Machine

New machine for disposable non woven facial tissue machine,use area in cosmetologh,cleaning

Full Automatic Toilet Roll Line Price

Full Automatic Toilet Roll With Cutting And Packing Whole Line

Turnkey solution multifunctional Full automatic toilet roll line,a whole line only need 1 person to operate

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